How to Anti Fog Swimming Goggles



How To Anti Fog Goggles

Goggles are a great invention for swimmers. They protect your eyes from damage and allow you to see where you’re going underwater. I use to train and compete in the pool in the days when caps and goggles were never seen or used. Blood shot eyes at school was the norm. But these days there must be 50 plus different styles, shapes, colours of goggles one can choose from.

BUT, they usually ‘fog up’. Most goggles you can buy have a coating already on them preventing fogging, but the coating doesn’t last as long as the goggles do. The anti-fog coating can easily be wiped off and before you know it, your goggles have become foggy before you get to the other end of the pool.

What to do about this irritating problem??? You can buy an anti-fog spray and liquid and apply regularly to the goggles as per the directions of use. Does it work? In my experience, not very well.

Over my years of teaching and swimming I have come across a few varied ways by which people keep their goggles from fogging up. I will share them here.

  1. Baby shampoo – apply a small drop of the shampoo to the inside of the goggles, wipe the lens and then buff for clear vision. The baby shampoo is used as it is gentle on eyes anyway.
  2. Shaving cream – apply a small drop of shaving cream to the inside of the lens, wipe and buff again preventing fogging. I have not used this method personally but know others have.
  3. MY FAVOUITE and very cost effective. Good old saliva. Lick or spit on the inside of your goggle lens, rub with your finger and rinse. While this is a temporary solution, it is one that can be used on the go. At either end of the pool and while the teacher/coach is giving instructions.

Try these out next time and see which works for you.

Happy Swimming.




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