Term 4 and There’s So Much More!

What a successful term 3 we have just had!! It never ceases to amaze me what our children can to be taught. The students have been engaging, listening to every instruction, watching and learning and we are so proud of them.
Term 4 is about to kick off and with the weather warming up, learning to swim is becoming a priority for some people. Bookings at Swim For Your Life are still being accepted and we would be honored to teach your child/ren a most valuable skill. Learning to swim need not be daunting with us, nor stressful or difficult. We have fun along the way but never forget the seriousness of what we do and want to achieve for our students.
Looking forward to many more bubbles, splashes, kicks, big arms, flippers, backstroke, dolphin kick, breaststroke, butterfly, tumbles and turns.



Firstly, Swim For Your Life appreciates that a swimming lesson is a team event. Without mums and dads being the taxi service, counselor, motivator, organizer of clothing and food and peace-keeper between siblings whilst driving to a lesson, we the Instructors could never do our job well. We love this job and we thank you for your part in it!


We have seen children arrive for their lessons in their PJ’s, a favourite Super Hero outfit (which can prove difficult to remove) and also floaties, back bubble, snorkel mask and late note. Some are finishing their lunch and some are dreaming about the person they sat next to in class.

It is good to:

Arrive 5 minutes early.
Arrive knowing they are about to have a swimming lesson.
Be dressed warmly if in winter but ALWAYS wear something on your feet.
Have eaten at least 1 hour before your swim lesson.
Have swimmer bag at the ready.


It is our preference that children are dressed ‘ready for swimming success’. They have their swimmers on prior to commencement of their lesson, which could be board shorts but best if it is a pair of speedos (for the boys) or one piece swimmers (for the girls). Goggles, cap and if the class is longer than 30 minutes, a small water bottle could be handy. Rashie is optional. A toilet stop is recommended.

If your child is not toilet trained, a swimmers nappie is a must.


A towel is a must…..but is the one item most forgotten. PLEASE ensure your child leaves our swim school dressed appropriately for the season. Dry, warm, with head and feet covered in winter, boardies, singlet and thongs in the summer. A snack is always a good option for après swimming and we recommend a banana or other fruit they love.

Swim Well