Keep watch this summer

Matt Preston urges families to keep watch this summer


Matt Preston from “The words most costly pizzasays the truth is that last summer 14 children drowned in Australian backyard swimming pools., most often due to every day distraction. Distractions like simply going inside to check the oven, theirs no splash no cry for help. In less than 60 seconds a child can drown and the true cost of that pizza. It’s not just food that can distract, theres answering the door changing a nappy, making a cup of tea even just nipping to the bathroom. All of these distractions have tragically cost the life of a child over the past ten years not to mention others left with permanent brain damage. All these drownings and brain injuries entirely preventable with proper supervision. Not one outdoor pool is worth a child’s life.

So please this summer “Keep Watch No Matter What”



Images courtesy of Royal Lifesaving

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