Our Swim School and Learn to Swim Difference

At Swim For Your Life we love to see children ‘SWIM WELL’ with great technique. We also want them
to have a love and respect for the water and a growing confidence in their ability which will last
them for a lifetime.
Swim For Your Life is local, employing local staff and local tradesmen. We have a genuine belief that
‘country kids’ should have access to quality services just like our city cousins. Swim For Your Life
provides such a quality service from where our country kids can excel in the water.
The Manager of Swim For Your Life, Ruth Smith, has held her Austswim License continuously for 30
years and her Bronze level coaching license for over 12 years. Collectively the team has over 42 years
experience in the aquatic world. Ruth has learnt over this time what works with children in the water
and what does not. Of course children are unpredictable and still able to teach her a lot. Swim For
Your Life however teaches children to swim from where they are in their ability and progresses them
developing all strokes.

Why Us?
Indoor heated facility which delivers a controlled environment and less distractions for the students.
Very small class sizes.
Austswim qualified and passionate Instructors
Regular feedback for parents
Emphasis on Customer service and communication.