Swim For Your Life Mums and Bubs

Our most vulnerable and precious need protection from the dangers that even small bodies of water can create. By familiarising bubs with the aquatic environment and then developing simple self-preservation skills, confidence builds for adults and children. Each part of each lesson is designed to be stimulating, fun and engaging. The goal is clear – build a set of responses that will keep bub safe in and around water.

Parents who are ‘water-nervous’ can create nervous children. We give you the strategies to remain calm and encourage you to practice simple skills with bub at home. An adult must be in the water with each child!

  • Our Mums & Bubs Program caters for children aged 6 months to 3 years and is designed to develop basic water familiarisation skills as well as promote water safety through the use of skill-based games, songs and group activities in a stimulating learning environment.
  • The Mums & Bubs program encourages children to paddle, kick, float, blow bubbles and submerge.
  • These skills assist with the development of safety and confidence in the water.
  • To assist us in achieving these skills we use mats, specific holding techniques, repetition,songs and age appropriate equipment.
  • The Parents confidence and education also develops with skills learnt, practised in the family home at bath time or in your own pool.
  • An adult is required in the water at this level to assist children in the learning process. (Dads and grandparents welcome).


We run mums and bubs classes on

Tuesday: 11am

Thursday: 9.30am and 10am

Friday: 9am and 10.30am

Please contact us for available places.