Hi and welcome to Swim For Your Life,  I am Ruth Smith and I am a Passionate Swim Educator I work in conjunction with John, Dee, Debbie, Roxy, Lyn and Steven. All who are very experienced swimming instructors.

Ruth Smith – Has 35 years of teaching experience. Her expertise includes Learn to Swim, Bronze Level Coach, Children with Challenges Instructor, Autism Swim Instructor, she also holds numerous Royal Life Saving Awards, a Diploma of Sport Science and a Bachelor of Social Science. Ruth wants to see children love the water and learn to swim well. Her greatest reward in this profession is seeing the children running and banging on the pool gate and waiting impatiently for their lessons. If she can pass on her passion and love of the water to another, and they swim well, Ruth considers it a good day in the office. “I grew up in Wingham, When I was 14 I began teaching swimming at my local swimming pool, back then it was expected as a free service from those involved in the local swim club. My shift was a Saturday morning and I quickly learnt to love it. At 51, I have not stopped teaching/coaching. Slowed a little, but over all those years I have been involved with kids in the water every year.”

I was one of the first women competing in the Surf Life Saving carnivals back in the 80’s when they allowed woman to get their Surf Bronze and patrol the beaches with the men.

I was also one of the first female Beach Inspector’s employed by the Council on the north coast. As a competitive swimmer while at school I made state level. Dabbled in synchronized swimming, played lots of water polo, wished at times I was born with gills and repeatedly watched Finding Nemo.

On a serious note, I enjoy the reward of teaching and watching people swim well. I don’t mind if they join the surf club, water polo team, synchronized swim team,compete for their school and country or just enjoy swimming for recreation, I am passionate about getting kids in the water and developing their love for it.

Swim For Your Life intends to embrace all who want to learn to swim well, including adults, people with disabilities, and those requiring stroke correction. I look forward to providing you with quality swimming lessons your support and many conversations.